Learn from a Team Dedicated to Growth and Internal Perpetuation

An internship at Murray & MacDonald is the perfect opportunity to combine hard work and the ideal vacation setting. Join the ranks of US Presidents that have come to enjoy Cape Cod & the Islands (Ulysses S Grant, Grover Cleveland, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, etc) along with a long list of business men and women, politicians, scientists, artists, and travelers. You will work with the leadership team, are expected to take ownership and learn a variety of facets of working in a growth-focused business.


We are committed to internal perpetuation, which is insurance speak for finding, recruiting, and training the next generation to become the future owners, leaders, and managers of our company. Every smart business should have an exit strategy: you sell internally or externally. Our goal is to find the right candidates and sell our company on an ongoing basis,  to perpetuate, to the right people. An internship program allows us to provide valuable career focused, professional, resume-building work for local, US, and international high school and college aged students. It allows us to hone our training, development, and recruiting skills and introduce us to ambitious young people who will grow up to change the business landscape. We want this to be the best internship you ever had so that you tell your friends about it and remember it fondly. And if you're the right candidate and your and our goals are aligned an internship could lead to a job offer.


  • Fog the Mirror Test, naturally. 
  • Enthusiasm, positive attitude, figure things out, entrepreneur mindset, be able to work independently
  • Legal to work - we work with international programs (ciee.org, gaac.com)
  • Willing to learn new things

How to Apply:

Email your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to Peter MacDonald.


US Interns:

  • Aimee Veneau
  • Autumn Harrington
  • Ben Whitney
  • Carly Finigan
  • Chloe Finigan
  • Daniel Gray
  • Graham Littlehale
  • Kevin Daly
  • Mackenzie Mahoney
  • Phil MacDonald
  • Rachel Vokey
  • Peter MacDonald
  • Tim Albert
  • Leah Smith
  • Michael Karnes
  • Serge Matheny

International Interns

Johannes W. Intern

Johannes spent 18 months in the agency between 2001 and 2002.

He was the first intern at the agency from Sweden.

Myriam D. Marketing

Myriam was the first intern from Germany.

She spent 6 month at the acency from October 2015 until March 2016.


Now, she is works as a Sales Consultant in Germany.

Chris G.

Chris was focused on Controllng and Finance.

He spent 6 months at the agency from March 2016 until August 2016.


He will get his Bachelor in International Management.

Nick M. Controlling & Finance

Nick was focused on Controlling & Finance.

He was at the agency form August 2016 until January 2017.


Now, he works at Ernst & Young as an Intern.

Alina S. Marketing Intern

Alina was focused on Marketing and assisted in Accounting and Finance.

She was at the agency form March until August 2017.

She wants to finish her Bachelor in Information Management and Corporate Communications.

Christine K. Intern Finance & Marketing

Christine is the current intern and she assists in Finance and Marketing. 

She has joined the agency in October 2017.

She finished her Bachelor in Finance in January 2018.