Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc (MMISI) was founded and incorporated in November 1971 as an agency focused on sound business practices and client satisfaction. With locations in Falmouth and Bourne, Massachusetts, MMISI proudly serves thousands of clients over the Northeast, Florida, California, Missouri, and Colorado while maintaining that original vision. The mutual success of MMISI and its associates depends upon the total satisfaction of our clients.

A Tradition of Excellence

With over four decades of client service experience, we are an established risk management and insurance provider to North East clients and beyond. Located on Cape Cod, MA, we focus on risk mitigation, risk transfer, and insurance brokerage across a mainerse client spectrum.

Murray and MacDonald Named 2020 Best Insurance Agency on the Upper Cape!

Representing You

Representing many quality insurance companies permits us to offer risk transfer programs suiting most personal and business needs. On average, we settle claims in excess of seven million dollars per year. These settlements contribute to rebuild our clients' lives repairing vehicles, homes and businesses; paying medical bills, and defending clients against law suits.

Commited to Our Communities

Serving the community and you. With employees like Douglas MacDonald, who is a director for the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, a trustee for Heritage Christian Church, and a member of the Falmouth, Mashpee, and Canal Region Chambers of Commerce, and John Vokey, who is a member of Business Network International, Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services and its employees are committed to serving you and the community.


Trusted Advisors to Businesses Large and Small

MMISI is committed to work as an outsourced "Risk Manager" helping clients navigate and mitigate risks that can adversely impact the bottom line of a business or the financial assets of a family. We are committed to quality service, which means a willingness to listen to persons with concerns or complaints, a willingness to immediately act upon same, as well as to effectuate any modifications to company procedures to help better develop customer relations.