Drinking at your next house party?

August 7, 2017


You love hosting parties!

If someone leaves one of your parties drunk and causes an auto accident, do think you will be sued?

Will your renters policy cover you? Some do and some don’t.

So, be sure to check with your agent!

What happens if someone is injured in one of your parties and sues you?

You may say “Good luck, I don’t own anything!” Well, it doesn’t really work that way!

They could put a lien on you!

So, say your going to college now, when you graduate, start working and earning money, they can collect!

Make sure you get renter’s insurance to protect you for liability.

The policy will pay for your legal defence and for damages if your found liable up to the policy limits.

Allana with Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services. We help our clients reduce risk, protect their assets and plan for the future!

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How can you get renter's insurance?

Call Allana, text, email or walk into our Bourne or Falmouth office and review with one of our risk advisors.