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AT&T Drive-Mode - Anti-Texting and Driving Technology

June 7, 2013

AT&T continues to lead the charge against texting and driving and is now developing a phone application that blocks driver’s phone from receiving texts, calls, picture messages, emails, etc. AT&T is at the forefront of corporate social responsibility, taking the initiative to put an end to a habit that has claimed thousands of young drivers’ lives. The more I read about it, the more passionate I grow. My younger brother recently got his license and I have strongly urged him not to text and drive. Kids don’t realize the horrors that can arise from taking your eyes off the road.I recently found this video from ABC News of pedestrians walking and texting.

As hilarious as it is, considering there are no real consequences to these pedestrians’ accidents, it puts the issue to texting and driving in perspective. If you can’t text and walk, what makes you think you can text and drive? If you walk into a wall with your phone in your head, what’s stopping you from slamming into the median at 65 miles per hour? Running a stop sign and driving through a storefront? Nothing.Fortunately, companies like AT&T, Arbella, and the OTTERApp team are leading the way in putting a stop to texting and driving. It is inspiring to see AT&T’s Chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson, stand up against texting and driving. It speaks to the company’s dedication, a culture that begins at the top. AT&T is currently developing a cell-phone application that can disable drivers’ phones to prevent them from fielding calls, text-messages, emails, and pictures. AT&T has already developed an application that, while on, sends auto-reply text-messages whenever a driver gets an incoming text. Technologies like these will mitigate the accidents, injuries, and deaths from texting and driving.

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