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Flood Damage: All it Takes is One

July 7, 2012

Are you prepared for a flood in your home?With the intensity and frequency of storms here in New England, a flood could be a major concern for you.Approximately 2% of Americans have flood insurance but nearly everyone is at risk of a flood. If you live close to the water, your insurance company might mandate that you have flood insurance. Even if it is not required, everyone should consider the effects of a flood on their home. You could lose thousands in valuable possessions, furniture, and appliances if you are not properly covered. Basic Homeowner’s policies do not cover damage associated with a flood in your home. With the erratic nature of Cape Cod and New England weather, it is never a bad idea to cover the worst-case scenario. Last summer, Hurricane Irene brought strong winds, pouring rains, and huge seas to our coastlines. There's always a chance that a storm like Irene could wreak havoc on your home. Check out this picture of Surf Drive in Falmouth during the storm...To prepare yourself for a flood, keep these tips in mind…

  • Make a flood plan and establish evacuation routes with your family. Having food to eat, clothes to wear and even an exit plan can keep your family state.
  • Ask someone out of state to be a “family contact” in the event that you have to leave your home behind.
  • Take inventory of your possessions that might be at risk, that way you can know what is missing or how much you have lost in the event of a disaster.

Remember, all it takes is one storm to lose thousands of dollars!Cape Cod sees frequent and heavy precipitation associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, Nor’ Easters, ice storms, and thunder storms. A flood in your home could be tragic and costly, keep these tips in mind to ensure your family’s safety.Flood mitigation tips provided by The Main Street America Group. Find us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for more tips!