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Frozen Pipes

Winter freeze with its frigid, cold wave costs property owners billions of dollars annually. The famous 2021 Texas freeze is estimated to cost $80 billion. Burst, frozen water pipes, damage appliances, sheetrock, flooring, electrical, paint and more – it can make your home unlivable.

Simple, precautionary steps will reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes -here are a few:

  1. Before you leave or vacation: Turn the water off to the entire home.
  2. Check your pipes: The cold air can penetrate pipes in poorly insulated areas.
  3. Maintain the heat: Keep your thermostat set at the same temperature during the day and night; minimum of 55° F.
  4. Let the heat flow: During extreme cold weather, keep interior doors open, including kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. Keeping your pipes warmer.
  5. Extra insulation: Fit your pipes with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves.
  6. Disconnect: Shut off outdoor water faucets or use freeze proof.
  7. Let the water flow: In extreme cold, allow faucets to drip slightly. This can alleviate pressure in the piping system.
  8. Generate: A backup generator will provide continuous power and heat during winter outages.
  9. Make it automatic: Consider installing an automatic shutoff valve and/or a leak detection system.

If you have any questions regarding protection on you homeowners’ insurance this winter or would like a comprehensive review, contact us: phone/text 800-800-8990 or email Enjoy a safe, warm, health winter season.