Glass Mishaps

February 11, 2010

The recent snowstorm on the Cape caused more than a few glass mishaps ie damage to windshields.

What to do when windshield damage strikes?
1) If it's a large shattered windshield, you shouldn't drive your car. If it's a small crack (smaller than a dollar bill), it's ok to drive the car, but you should get it fixed ASAP; don't wait until it's a huge crack across the whole windshield. If the crack is small, the glass company may try to save the windshield. This prevents the seal from breaking; which can be nice to avoid, especially on a newer car.
2) Contact your insurance company immediately to see how to proceed. They sometimes contact a glass company for you.
3) Contact a glass company you trust to repair your windshield. Often they can come to you, and it's repaired quickly.
4) Your car is good to drive again!
For those of you who DON'T have glass coverage, it's often easy and inexpensive to obtain. Contact your local insurance agent and ask about adding it on. The coverage is called COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE. It's usually $50-$100/yr on your policy - a small price to pay if your windshield is unexpectedly damaged. It also covers: fire, theft, vandalism, a tree falling on your car...