How We Came To Be

April 25, 2012

Our company was founded forty years ago.
We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. I'm sure you understand after reading about our Business Networking 40th Anniversary Party and our PIN-Up Award.We are putting together the history of Murray & MacDonald, you can find it here

As I began research on the history of our agency, I thought it would be a great idea to learn more about how other individuals joined the insurance industry.You can read about how I came into the insurance industry at 'insurance is a career'?

Wouldn't it be great to read about many other people?The CEO of an insurance company, a VP of Finance, a receptionist, a claims adjuster, producer, and so forth...Well my friends, you are about to find out how many different people joined into the insurance industry, how long they have been in insurance, why they stayed, what is important about the industry, and so forth.Check back next Wednesday for the first in a series of 'Working Wednesdays' posts to learn more about the face of the insurance industry!