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I got my start in a Toyota Corona...

May 30, 2012

A few Wednesdays ago, I told you we would hear how Andrew Roth got his start in the insurance gig. Well, he's here today to talk about Toyota Coronas, or how he joined our agency.


How did I get into the wonderful world of Insurance? I think it was a career path, wait I KNOW it was the career that I was meant for. But just a few years ago I was unaware of this simple fact. I have always been careful and methodical in managing my own risk. As a little boy I would always look twice before crossing a street. When I got my driver's license, I learned to constantly check my mirrors and look around for impending dangers. Something simple, such as looking two cars ahead of me to see when they brake, can eliminate an accident. I have only been in one accident in my life. {knock on wood} I was newly licensed, just woke up from a nap on a lazy summer afternoon, immediately jumped into the car that I shared with my two older brothers (check out this beauty: Toyota Corona) backed out of my driveway and hit a brand new landscaping truck. After the accident I had a nice “talk” with myself. I was not alert enough to drive so it wasn’t intelligent of me to get behind the wheel. This was an avoidable accident. Had I allowed myself a few extra minutes to wake up and be more alert I would not have been in this accident, because I would have been more careful. This was my first experience with Insurance, but still I did not know this would be my career.
After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a business degree, I worked for Fidelity Investments. I worked in various roles and stayed with the company for a little over five years. About a year ago my wife Kathryn, a native of Falmouth and an alumni of UMASS, asked me if I was interested in moving to Cape Cod. After a long deliberation of five minutes I said,"Sure!" Her commute would be doable, but my 75 mile commute was ok with me. And thus began my search for a new job.

I knew I wanted to stay in the Financial Services Industry so I began looking at two segments: Financial Advisor and Insurance. I experienced five years of working in a large office (around 1,000 people) so I was excited about the differences that working in a smaller office may have.After a month or so of searching for an open position, I hadn’t had much luck. I knew that we were and still are in a tough economy so I started to become a bit nervous about finding a good job this side of the bridge. My wife Kathryn, who was helping me search, came across an ad on for a Commercial Sales Associate position at Murray & MacDonald Insurance. After a few interviews I was offered a position and the rest is history. - Andy Roth

Thank you Andy for sharing your foray into the insurance industry. We're happy to have you with us.
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