I Know Jack, Do You?

November 18, 2011

Do you know Jack?

One of our friends at Katalyst Systems Inc is donating $10 to the "Know Jack" fundraiser for every like on their page by TODAY, November 18.

Like their page, Katalyst Systems Inc Facebook Page and they will give $10.Check out Jack's YouTube video.

He was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and is surviving. 

He's currently in remission however due to the rare form of cancer, it's unknown how long he will be in remission.

Here is a link to If You Don't Fight Cancer, You Don't Know Jack, on the Livestrong Blog.

So, please like Katalyst Systems TODAY, they will donate $10 to Jack's foundation.

Here's a link to Jack's page. Isn't he a cute kid? He's brave and courageous. Look at what one boy is doing to change the world. Jack, we are proud of you. Linking up to the original blog at Katalyst Systems IncJack is from Iowa where Katalyst Systems is based.