Ice Dam Claims with Arbella Insurance - What To Do

February 8, 2011

  1. Protect the property from further damage
  2. Make reasonable and necessary repairs required to protect the property
  3. Keep an accurate record of repair expenditures
    1. Try to photograph the damage (with your phone, digital camera, etc)
    2. Obtain an estimate to repair the damage

note: wait until the water stops coming in before obtaining the estimate


If there is interior water damage from an ice dam, Arbella Insurance will pay for reasonable costs incurred to remove snow or ice from the roof to protect the property from further damage. Ice dams can be removed from a home; however the process can place the roof and person removing the ice dam at serious risk. We recommend that customers hire a professional who has the equipment and expertise to do the job safely. Preventative roof maintenance is the responsibility of each property owner, and for this reason, snow or ice removal is not covered under the homeowner's policy.

Arbella will assign all claims to Arbella claim service specialists and they will contact your customers as quickly as possible.

Here is a detailed explanation of ice dams that you may find valuable for prevention or early detection.

note: the above information was brought to you by the claims department of Arbella Mutual Insurance