Is Your Home Insured for Earthquakes?

August 24, 2011

Yesterday, an earthquake, whose epicenter was in Virginia, rattled the East Coast. Reports show that people felt the earthquake as far as Illinois, Maine, Georgia, and everywhere in between. Although damage was minor in Massachusetts, some residents of Virginia suffered costly damages to their property, something that is not typically covered on a homeowner's insurance policy without a special endorsement for earthquakes. While earthquakes aren't as frequent on the East Coast as they are on the West Coast, it's still important to review your homeowner's insurance coverage and ensure that you have the appropriate coverage. Earthquake endorsements are typically inexpensive, and may save you headaches in the future, should your property suffer damages due to an earthquake. For more information, you can review Arbella's earthquake endorsement for homeowner's insurance, or call your agent today at 508-540-2400.