Mock Monday: The Accident

October 31, 2011

Welcome back to Mock Monday! I'm glad you're back to join us. Did you read last week's Mock Monday? If not, check it here.
Remember where we left off.

What should Terry's next step be?

  1. Get out of her car.
  2. Honk her horn.
  3. Call the police.

What did you answer?
If you answered...
3. Call the police.
You are correct.

You shouldn't get out of your car right after a car accident unless your life is in danger (ie the car could explode or you're hanging upside down).
In Terry's situation, she should call the police first. Her accident was on a busy highway; a police at the scene to ensure everyone involved stays safe and avoids further collisions is in everyone's best interest.
Before calling the police, Terry turns around and checks on her two children. They appear safe. She calls 911 and asks for police to come to the scene of the accident. The operator asks if there are injuries. She asks the operator to send a medic to err on the side of caution in the event someone is injured.
After she calls the police, she takes in her surroundings. Terry is shaking. She is not sure what to expect of the person who rear-ended her and who she rear-ended. Is everyone ok?
Terry decides to wait until the police arrive to get out of her car. She calms her two children in the backseat. They are upset and crying, but visibly they are fine. She asks Todd how he feels, his neck hurts. She asks Irina how she's doing and her head hurts.
"This is going to be a long day," Terry murmurs.
While waiting for the police to arrive, she pickes up her phone and calls her office. She tells them about her accident, She's not sure when she'll get in to work. As Terry is talking to her co-worker, she notices her iPad on the floor of the van. She put her briefcase on the front seat and the iPad must have fallen out in the accident. The screen is cracked. Oh no, another hassle. Next, she calls Irina's pre-school and Todd's school. She doesn't want anyone concerned about them not showing up.
Terry hears sirens, the police are almost there.
What are Terry's next steps?
1) Yell & scream
2) Play with her broken iPad
3) Speak to the police and exchange information

Here is a picture of her mini-van - before the accident

Check back next week for the police & medic assessment.

*Please note, no REAL persons were involved. This is pretend. Nothing of this is real. Every accident is different.