Mom Bloggers and Insurance

April 26, 2012

Have you heard of gapingvoid? The owner of the company is a cartoonist.Our company discovered gapingvoid at a Sitkins event hosted in Boston in March 2011.One of the insurance agencies we met, HNi, employed gapingvoid to develop cartoons for them.Here are two cartoons Hugh McLeod created for them: HNi Blog, gapingvoid blogPretty cool right.Thinking outside the box, right?(thank you Sitkins, thank you HNi)Well, I subscribed to Hugh's daily cartoons and Tuesday evening the below image appeared in my inbox.

mommy blogger.gif

Awesome, right?There are so many mom bloggers out there that can appreciate this artwork.Heck, I want to buy a limited edition print right now, and I just might.I'm a professional and I blog for the company from my desk, but occassionally I will blog on the couch, in the road {as a passenger of course}, in an airplane, on a park bench, at the beach, from my iPhone and on.This is a shout-out to all the moms in blogland. Thanks you for contributing your voice to the blog-o-sphere.A shout-out to Hugh for creating awesome art for moms and insurance agents alike.A shout-out to Sitkins and HNi for introducing me to gaping void.If you want to get awesome cartoons from Hugh, you can subscribe here.They may not resonate with you every day, but some days you may crack a smile and think {oh so true} or you may find yourself laughing so hard you're crying... and your coworkers {or children} want in on the joke.