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Protect Your Student While Away At College

September 9, 2022

Protect Your Student while away at College

College is a step toward the future; many make the significant investment to send their sons or daughters to continue their education. According to the Insurance Institute, approximately 50% of all campus crimes involve theft. It’s important to protect your college students’ possessions as well as their liability exposures.

Before leaving for school, your student should consider a few things:

  • Students who live in a dorm are typically covered under their parents’ homeowners Insurance – This means that their possessions are protected. However, there may be limitations. Contact your insurance agent to confirm.
  • Students who live off campus are likely not covered by their parents’ homeowner policy – Here you would want to consider a renter’s policy. This coverage is typically inexpensive, approximately $5 per week for your student to have their own policy.
  • Create a “dorm inventory” – Before leaving home, students should make an inventory of their possessions and update as needed. Should a theft or property claim occur, having an updated inventory will help.
  • Will your student leave the car at home? Don’t remove them from your policy. They will still have liability exposures as passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists which your automobile policy provides. Available discounts exist for students away at college.

Talk to one of our insurance advisors to better understand how best to protect your student while away at school. Call or text us at 800-800-8990.