"Retirementology" - Rethinking the American Dream in a New Economy

October 22, 2011

Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc. in Bourne is pleased to announce the presentation of “Retirementology” Rethinking the American Dream In A New Economy.
This seminar will be given on November 1 at 12pm with lunch and November 2 at 6:30 with hors d’oeuvres being served.

The seminar is based on the book Retirementology by Dr. Gregory Salsbury. It will connect retirement planning with investor psychology and the market meltdown to come up with a new way of thinking about how we as Americans $pend, $ave, borrow and inve$t money.

The combination of no more pension plans, major stock market volatility, low interest rates, the uncertainty of Social Security and little to no home equity has made it difficult for the average working person to come up with a workable retirement plan. The average working person wants to know they will be comfortable during their “Golden Years” aka retirement. 

There is a way to position yourself and your retirement funds to lessen the sting of the current economic conditions. If you want to learn more, please come to our seminar.

To reserve your seats please call (888) 870 3251 or email us or find us on facebook.
We are not trying to sell you a retirement plan.

We are here to educate you.
At your local insurance agency.
From one person to another.
On Cape Cod.