Run While You Can

October 25, 2011

One of our clients is on a mission: Run While You Can.
You can read all about what he's doing here.

He's insured on the the east coast.
He needed insurance on the west coast while achieving his amazing goal.
We had connections.

We set him up with LBW Insurance who provided him with a policy he needed and coverage he desired.
All was good.

Then said agent met up with Sam. In the middle of his trek.
They snapped a shot.

And so our client met his west coast agent, in the middle of his trek.

Please check Sam out: facebook or twitter or his blog. And if you can't, check out the promo film.
Today is his LAST day. He FINISHES his journey today.
We are so proud of what he's done and so glad he finished what he started, in such a short time.
Way to go Sam!