the electronic business card

October 3, 2011

in the late spring we started using contxts - a mobile sms business card. you register & enter information into contxts database and can then direct a client, prospect, friend, family member to text your name {the one you registered with} to 50500. once they do that, they receive a text with your information {personal or business, this is the information entered into contxts}. no more wasted business cards and now your information is automatically stored in their phone. brilliant idea.

a few weeks ago my coworker {and brother}, Peter MacDonald, decided he wanted to change the way we hand out business cards. some people still like having the paper in their hand. Peter put together QR Codes for some of our employees to test out. now when we hand out our business card, there is a QR Code on the right side of the business card.

{sorry i couldn't get it to rotate}

using the scan app from QR Code City you scan the QR Code on our business card.

once it scans, the contact information from our business card is added to the "scan history".

if you want to add me {Sara L MacDonald} as a contact, you can. at the bottom of the screen there is a {create new contact} spot. {not shown on the picture above}. if you don't want to add me {Sara L MacDonald} as a contact, the business card information will be saved in the "scan history".

now we have an electronic business card. this will be helpful for events we attend. especially business after hours with the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, Canal Chamber of Commerce, Sandwich Chamber of Commerce, Cape Cod Young Professionals, BNI, Falmouth Young Professionals or other networking events.

instead of keeping the business card and never entering contact information into their database, the people we meet can scan our business card at their leisure, have the information stored in their phone in the even they want to contact us, and toss the business card.

{i'm not promoting printing business cards & throwing them out. i'm promoting using our business cards to do the work of entering contact information into our phone}
now, if others could jump on the contxt or QR Code bandwagon it would be fabulous.