Three keys to success in my summer internship

August 4, 2017

Summer flew by, and with it, so did my second stint at Murray & MacDonald Insurance as an intern. Here are three reasons I attribute to my positive experience as an intern:

  1. Daily beach trips in a 1 hour flexible lunch break
  2. Great employee relationships
  3. Engaging and challenging work

One of the many perks of working on the Cape over the summer is the close proximity to the beach. With a long, flexible, one hour lunch break, and the beach only a five minute drive away, this makes it a daily no-brainer. Spending lunchtime at the beach each day with work friends was one of the highlights of my summer and a serious perk for working at Murray & MacDonald.

Another highlight of my internship was the relationships I made with the other employees and interns. Getting to know my colleagues enhanced the "daily grind" and made the memories much sweeter. Everyone in the office was really personable and it was easy to get to know people over lunch, breaks, or when I needed help.

Throughout my two summers with Murray & MacDonald I was consistently challenged and given opportunities to participate in many practical learning experiences. My first summer I worked with the CEO to develop a business plan and to create benchmarks for the different areas of the business. This summer I helped with recruiting, marketing campaigns, online policy downloads.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my time working at Murray & MacDonald. I’ve acquired work skills that will further develop me as a professional and I’ve made a lot of great memories. Yes, that about sums up my internship: opportunity, fun, and good relationships.