To The Veterans and Current Members of the US Military

November 19, 2011

Last week we thanked you for serving our country.
If you want to read the link, check it out: Thank You Veterans.

We will be sending care packages to members of the armed forces who are stationed away from home. We want to brighten a soldier's day and let them know how much we appreciate their service.
If you know someone who should receive a care package, please leave a comment with the best way to reach you OR you can email: Sara MacDonald.

If you have suggestions on what to include in the package, please leave a comment. I never served in the military (though I know many people who do/have) so I won't know what's appropriate. I did send two dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, vacuum sealed, to a friend in the military. He was stationed overseas in the hot desert. He said he gave one dozen cookies to the rest of the people in his platoon and kept and the other dozen for himself. I know they all appreciated freshly baked/vacuum sealed cookies. He was a friend though, I'm not sure how well received freshly baked cookies or brownies would go over to someone who doesn't know me or our agency. Will they know we're sending the package to say thank you, in a small tangible way?
Should we send calling cards, iTunes, deodorant? What do people stationed overseas want to get in a care package?

Please tell us! We want to send out packages by the first week in December.