Travelers Insurance Disaster Preparedness

July 17, 2012

The beginning of summer brings potentially hazardous weather as a six month long windstorm season begins. People living and operating businesses in New England are presented with the risk of storms disrupting daily life. It is possible that we will see a tropical storm or hurricane before December; preparing your home or business for the potential risks faced should be a top priority. While it might seem medial or even cumbersome to prepare for windstorms that might not cause significant damage, weather is erratic and can bring about storms that could damage your home and impede your business' profitability.

Travelers Insurance offers a variety of easily-accessible, free tips to help you prepare for disaster. They added a "Prepare & Prevent" section on their website (link here!) that contains a variety of tips for customers ranging from seasonal home-maintenance to windstorm and hurricane preparedness. The site has videos and articles tailored specifically for customers highlighting common weather hazards, ways to combat these hazards, myths about storms and storm prevention, among others. Ten minutes of reading, a little-elbow grease, and quick thinking could save you thousands in damage and keep you and your family safe. You can't afford to take shortcuts in lieu of your family's safety. Take a quick look at their tips to ensure you're up to speed.

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