Traveler's Insurance Disaster Preparedness for Small Businesses

July 25, 2012

While natural disasters can be devastating for people's homes and vehicles, Travelers also understands the importance of protecting and preserving small businesses. Small business makes the economy tick, keeps people employed and fuels the economy through consumption spending. To keep small businesses afloat, both figuratively and literally, during and after natural disasters, Travelers offers business owners an almanac of tips to prepare and recover.

For businesses, a hurricane or tropical storm can mean days without power, the inability to service customers, and ultimately the loss of profits. Damage can also cause unforeseen expenses that can momentarily take the legs out from under a business. To help businesses prepare for disaster, or mitigate risk, Travelers Risk Control professionals offer a comprehensive library of tips for businesses of any size. Small businesses can be left especially susceptible to disaster, so Travelers offers small business owners Small Business Safety tips through the Risk Control Center. Either before or immediately after an extreme event, if you are a client of Travelers, they will inform you of any restrictions or guidelines pertinent to your policy that will affect recovery from a natural disaster.

Murray & MacDonald Insurance strives to assist clients with risk mitigation techniques and we're here to help you recover if you suffer a loss from a natural distaster. Learn how Travelers responds to disasters promptly here! You can also see StormStoriesfrom victims of the F-5 tornadoes that tore through the South in 2011 and how Travelers has impacted the response. It is encouraging to know that companies like Travelers are taking the initiative to educate their clients.

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