March 5, 2010

In Massachusetts, you were required to TURN IN YOUR LICENSE PLATES for a car to cancel the insurance OR remove the vehicle from the policy.

Well, that is STILL the case today, however the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts is trying to make life easier for their patrons. This elicits a smile out of me... how many times have you visited the RMV in Massachusetts and had to wait for a LONG time. Then, last year the RMV decided to shut down MANY branches. What were they thinking?

Well, they must have been planning for their EXPANDED online capabilities. Kudos.

The RMV in Falmouth is closed. What can you do, where can you go? The comfort of your own home... no need to drive to Plymouth or South Yarmouth, no need to take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

If you sold your vehicle and want to turn your plates in, go to: http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/rmv/ - this is their website.

Along with canceling plates online, you can:

Apply for a learner's Permit

Convert your out-of-state Driver's license/permit

Get a duplicate driver's license, CDL driver's license, Mass ID, registration

Renew your driver's license, Mass ID, registration

Check your:

  • Registration Expiration Date
  • Vehicle Title and Lienholder information
  • License Expiration Date
  • Permit Expiration Date
  • Mass/Liquor ID Expiration Date

A few other services include:

  • Change your address
  • Confirm your driver's ed certificate
  • Request driving records
  • Pay a citation (tickets)
  • Browse License/ID Policy
  • Request Police Crash Report

So, kudos to the Massachusetts RMV taking a step in the RIGHT direction and making our lives easier by allowing us to do many more things online.

Oh, and remember to notify your insurance company after you've canceled your plates!