WreckCheck: Relieving Your Accident Headaches, Figuratively

August 22, 2012

Car accidents, whether minor or severe, can be a stressful time for all drivers. Often, drivers are unaware where to draw the line when it comes to exchanging personal information. Obviously, it is recommended you call the police regardless of the severity of the accident, but drivers can gather accident information from their perspective to share with their insurance company. To streamline the process of gathering information after an accident, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners developed the Apple and Android apps called WreckCheck. It tells users what information to gather and with whom to share it.

With your safety and car the first things on your mind, it’s easy to overshare information with the other drivers involved. In most instances, you should be okay, but there’s a chance giving away too much information could lead to a stolen identity. The most common information is given away, though not needed, is license number, address, and personal phone number.

In a recent survey, 38% of drivers felt it was necessary to share your license number in the event of an accident. Your license number is one of the most common ways to verify identities. If you’re shopping online, many stores will ask for your license information to confirm your credit card and license information match-up. Putting this information in the hands of someone else can put your credit at risk.

Of the same group of drivers, 25% and 29% felt you should share your home address or personal phone number. There is little need to share either. The police department and your respective insurance agencies will be able to communicate easily, without the need to exchange phone calls or home visits. Exchanging this type of information can present both safety and identity issues. Providing a home address gives a stranger access to your home, putting your personal safety in jeopardy. It also gives identity thieves access to mail that could contain personal and financial information, making it easier to steal your identity.

WreckCheckmakes the information exchange process simple while providing insurance companies and authorities what they need to investigate and resolve an accident. WreckCheck allows you to enter your vehicle and insurance information beforehand so that you are always prepared for an accident. The information includes license plate, VIN and policy numbers, but not personal information. The app allows you to document the accident by first recording time and place. The app then directs you take photos and recordings of the accident. It also allows you to enter a text description of what happened in the accident from your perspective. The “Vehicles, People, & Police” screen allows you to enter the proper vehicle information of those involved, with make, model, year, color, VIN, plate state, and number (but NOT license information). Once you've gathered the information, WreckCheck allows you to email the information to yourself and your insurance agent, simplifying the process and relieving your headaches.

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