Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Safer

The rising temperatures and swirling pollen in the air is a sure sign that Spring has arrived on Cape Cod. It’s also a good time to complete your spring cleaning before ‘summah’. Besides the obvious benefit of making your home a more comfortable and clean place to live, spring cleaning has additional benefits that help keep your home safer from some lurking risks you may not know exist. Here are five tips to make your home safer:

  • Clean Dryer Vents. Lint and dirt buildup in your vent and ductwork presents a massive hidden fire hazard. Lint in dryer vents is estimated to cause almost 3,000 fires per year. The more often you do laundry, the more debris builds up. You can clean it yourself or hire a professional cleaning firm. It’s well worth the investment to remove the hidden danger from your home!
  • Clean around electrical sockets. Electrical sockets often get overlooked on the cleaning list and can build up a lot of dirt, grime, and other debris that can pose a hazard. Plate covers can be easily removed to clean. 
  • Check kitchen and bathroom caulk. No, it’s not a fun chore, but it is an important one. Cracked caulk can lead to leaks and water damage within mere minutes,. Check for cracks, peeling or other damage to caulk in your kitchen and bathrooms, and re-caulk as needed to keep your house nice and dry.
  • Clear your gutters. Leaves, sticks and more can build up in your gutters over the winter and can lead to backups causing water spots, foundation damage, and more. Sweeping out your gutters goes a long way, or schedule a professional cleaning.
  • Change detector batteries. Sure it seems obvious, but changing batteries can be easily overlooked! A good rule of thumb is to change your batteries when you change your HVAC system air filter. If your detectors are looking a little dated, upgrading to newer models, especially carbon monoxide plus explosive gas detectors. 

Over the last few months, our homes have become more important than ever. Keeping them clean helps keep you and your family safe. 

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