​​The coronavirus has directly led to many businesses having their employees work from home. As we all adjust to the new normal, here are some things you should consider as an employer or employee.


The biggest risk to working from home is cybersecurity and Internet Technology (IT) liability. Hacks occur more easily from home devices and networks as they are subject to lower security standards than those at a business.

  • For employers: Ensure that your employees have secure connections to your servers/networks and consider sending home a company-owned device. Make sure your cyber liability policies are up to date, and that you have an IT security contact on file.
  • For employees: Make sure your home device and network are secure and plugged directly into your router instead of using WiFi for faster speeds and more security. The best protection you can add is "Multi-Factor Authentication." An example of this is when your bank sends you a text message verification code to access your account. Talk to your IT firm about implementing. 


It is important to maintain some semblance of a normal work environment at home. While you certainly don’t need to dress in business attire each day, adhering to a normal schedule and routine is helpful to remaining productive.

  • For employers: Set expectations and have a written work from home policy covering hours of business, standards of conduct and remind employees to schedule breaks and communicate when they are unavailable.
  • For employees: Have a place in your home specifically for work; emulate a real office as much as possible. Resist the temptation to work in pajamas; wear presentable clothes.


A significant portion of your team working from home may require updates or changes to your insurance policies. Most insurers offer some limited coverage endorsements for working from home (talk to your agent).

  • For employers: Talk to your insurance broker and describe how your employees will set up to work from home. You may need to add extra business liability coverage or amend your workers’ compensation insurance.
  • For employees: Advise your insurance broker that you have shifted to working from home. You may need to update your coverage if you have invested in new home office equipment to ensure that you would be covered in the event of a claim.

We hope you are staying safe, home and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. Please contact us if we can help you in any way!