Hurricane Season is Here. Are You Prepared?

Don’t let the beautiful summer weather fool you - hurricane season is here on Cape Cod. It’s not just the wind and the rain - long-term power outages, storm surges and other dangers can be expensive. Here’s what you can do to help protect your assets against the next big storm.

Make sure that you have enough coverage. Have you lived in your home for a while or recently completed some upgrades or renovations? Review the rebuild cost of your property to make sure you have adequate protection. If your home value has increased, then so have cost of repairs. Review your deductible and make certain it’s right for your risk tolerance – often a higher deductible will allow you to more easily increase your building coverage without having to pay more in premium.

Know the kind of wind deductible you are carrying. Wind damage has become a more complicated area of homeowner insurance over the last decade. Many homeowner policies have a separate wind related deductible.  See if your policy has a Wind/Hail deductible, a Named Storm deductible, or a Hurricane deductible; you don’t want to be surprised. A wind deductible can be applied to any damage as the result of wind, a Named Storm Deductible can only be applied if the storm is named as a storm or hurricane, and a Hurricane Deductible can only be applied when a storm makes landfall as a named hurricane. Knowledge is power; understand that the hurricane deductible is preferred over a general wind deductible. -

Have a Plan. Preparing for a storm now will make life easier for you and your family when the inclement weather occurs. Be prepared for extended power outages by having ample batteries, flashlights, and portable chargers for your electronics, non-perishable food items and a plan for what to do should your house become uninhabitable. Tie down or bring inside any items that can be picked up by high winds, trim any branches that could cause damage to your home and shore up anywhere water could potentially enter your home.

Remember the little things. Did you know your insurance may pay for the spoilage loss of food in your refrigerator or freezer in the event of an extended power outage, but might not pay for damage from water flooding into your home? The only way to know for sure is to ask questions! You may find out that your coverage covers more than you think, or that you might need to add a flood policy (typically homeowner policies do not provide flood related claims) to keep from being left paying a surprise repair bill.

If you have questions about hurricanes and home insurance, please contact knowledgeable insurance representatives!