The Risk Reduction Approach: Discovery
The Risk Assessment
Risk Reduction Approach-Discover

The purpose of The Risk Reduction Approach™ is two-fold:

  1. Control your total cost of risk
  2. Look more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

The first step is the risk assessment. Both parties sign a non-disclosure agreement and then complete the risk assessment, either:

With comprehensive document review
-  or -
Without comprehensive document review

We recommend the first option which more accurately uncovers areas of concern where we can help.

Recommended risk-related documents to review include:

  • Current dated Insurance Contracts and Policies
  • Loss Run Information if available
  • Certificate of Insurance Logs
  • Employee benefits insurance summary (health, dental, life, disability, 401k, HSA)
  • Property appraisals (if any)
  • Personal Insurance Policies (if applicable)
  • Standard Client Contracts
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Hold harmless, indemnification, exculpatory, waiver of subrogation, limit of liability agreements
  • Premise leases
  • Equipment leases if any
Human Resources / Return on Human Capital
  • Safety Manual
  • OSHA 300 Logs
  • Employee Manual
  • Disaster Recovery Manual
Self-Identified areas of concern
  • List of items you know need to be addressed
  • Other risk and safety related documents or notes