" Helping clients reduce risk, protect assets and plan for the future. "


What Makes Us Different.

Whereas the traditional approach focuses on bidding for the lowest price, our Value Proposition is to work for you as an outsourced risk manager: to systematically identify and reduce your risk, manage your insurance more effectively, and educate you in the process. Bidding insurance leads to choosing the wrong broker to access the right insurance company.

Investing in the Future

We reinvest over $100,000 annually in risk management tools, seminars, and international best practices that we pass on to enhance our client culture of safety to reduce your total cost of risk. We want to become your trusted advisor helping to secure your assets and plan for the future.

Our Risk Reduction Products & Services Include:

Track employee driving records to limit vicarious liability. Restrict high risk drivers from operating vehicles.

Highlight vulnerabilities in five key areas: Profits, Clients, Employees, Business Continuity, and Director & Officer Risk.

Plan for successful management transition with key personnel. Mitigate the adverse impact of an untimely death, disability or resignation of a key organization colleague.

Paper and Digital copies of insurance documents. Easy access via Download link, CDs, and USB drives.

Includes Online Compliance Training; Best Practices FAQs; PPACA, OSHA, DOT, DOL, HAZMAT assistance; Safety Manuals; International Forum, Safety Newsletters and Pay-stuffers, Template documents, HR compliance assistance, etc.

Snapshot of your profitability and marketability from an insurance underwriting perspective.

Enhance your culture of Safety with our Safety Training, Online Resources, Print Materials, and guest speakers. Educating employees about safety reduces your total claims.

Systematically track values of property and liability insurance. Proactive due diligence assures accountability when catastrophe strikes.

Review the client services provided for the previous 12 months.