Many homes located near beaches, ponds and the ocean are required to carry flood insurance. Often, homeowners are surprised when they are informed that they need to begin carrying an additional policy, even when they are located in an area where it does not often flood. What homeowners with property located in high-risk areas - such as AE zones - often don’t know, is that they have a 1-in-4 chance of having significant flood damage during a 30 year mortgage. 

The flood insurance process can be confusing to navigate. Murray and MacDonald’s flood insurance specialists are available to help you navigate the process of determining if, and how much, flood insurance coverage you need.

We can help you determine which flood zone your home is located in, whether it is advisable to acquire an elevation certificate, or if your flood risk can be mitigated by elevating machinery and mechanicals, installing flood venting, breakaway walls or other techniques. In some cases, Murray and MacDonald can have your home removed from a flood map if it fits certain criteria, or has been mapped into the wrong flood zone. 

Murray and MacDonald also offers alternatives to the FAIR Plan from many private insurance carriers that can be obtained for homes with valid elevation certificates. These policies offer significant cost savings to coastal homeowners when compared with the FAIR plan.

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